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  • This tree service is remarkable. The prices were excellent. Sean the owner will walk the grounds and explain all procedures with you. No hidden costs. The crews were excellent and the clean up was amazing. I highly recommend this company. I had a total 22 trees and shrubs removed. Also all dead branches and limbs removed from other trees.
  • The service and crew was wonderful!  Sean gave us a very good price. We couldn't beleive the great skill that was exercised.  We had electrical wire and plants all around the tree which was removed. They were excellent in how they protected everything from damage. They moved huge sections with such great precision. They did a very good job with the cleanup also. My neighbors who watched most of the work being done were also quite impressed with this company. They were all very pleasant and professional.
  • My first experience with Arvey Tree was when a large oak tree fell from the adjacent property fell on my house.  The property owners hired Arvey Tree to remove it. They were out there that day and had it removed the next day. My wife commented on how hard those guys worked to get it done. It was a big tree. When I had need for my project ,(which was a big and difficult job in my opinion) I called my former neighbor and got the name of the company they had used for that emergency as I had forgotten. I also started asking around and Arvey Tree kept getting mentioned. I am a dentist so I get to ask alot of people  these types of things. The police officers in my practice were particularily persuasive as they apparently used them for years when they had a job that needed getting done right now. Anyhow ,I called Shawn from Arvey Tree and he came right out when he said he would , looked around and gave me a quote. I myself have cut many trees down but these trees were huge and tucked in between houses with menacing limbs.... not a job for an amateur. There was a big risk of damage to my house as well as my neighbors. I mentioned my concerns to Shawn. He shared them but assured me that he had the crew and the equipment to handle it. Boy did he ever!!  He brought in a huge crane the likes that most similar companies can  only dream of owning as well as several big trucks, jeeps and a big branch grinder. There must have been easily 200,000 bucks worth of equipment on site. It took two days.  Lots of specialized equipment and a crew of efficient and well trained employees got it done. Futhermore, when they left, my yard looked better than before they arrived. It was raked and even vacuumed. The whole thing was first rate. I suspect that there are companies that would have charged alot more and taken alot longer to complete. I like doing business with people who do what they say they are going to do.... when they say they are going to.... for the price they said.  Arvey Tree is one of those companies. This is not B.S.
  • They did a really good job.  In order to get to the tree that they had to take out, they had to remove another tree. They were very quick.
  • They did excellent work.  First of all, they came right out when we called them and gave us an estimate.  When we hired them, they came right out and took them all down.  They took all the stuff away, all the trees and all the wood.  They were very efficient.  They were four men, I think, and they did a very good job.  Their price, I thought was very reasonable for what they did.  I have recommended them to other people too.
  • They did a fabulous job.  They were prompt and professional.  They cleaned the yard, ground the stumps and cleaned up all the mess.
  • We were very pleased with their service. The price was right and they did a quick and fantastic job. They did exactly what they said they would. They offered great recommendations for problematic issues we were having. They offered us a savings of $200 to haul away our own wood, which was a nice option.

  • I called RV trees on Friday. They were at my house first thing in the morning. A crew of at least 5 men got to work. They did a very good job and completed a big job in about 3 hours. The workers were professional and courteous. Yes I would hire them again. Oh, the price was reasonable.
  • The guys did a great job, using very modern equipment and very professional workers. The owner ensured his crew knew what they were doing and supervised the job initially until they were well versed in what they needed to do. I would recommend this company in the future, and plan to call on them again myself.
  • Everything went very well.  Shawn came out within 30 minutes of my call to provide an estimate.  We had a terrible wind storm split a tree which left it leaning toward our home.  The crew came out within 2 hours and quickly, skillfully, and safely cut down the tree. The part of the yard they had to work in was on a steep, uneven grade and they used a man-lift that could safely work on the incline.  A very professional job. It was pricey but worth it to us to keep our home safe.
  • RV trimmed 6 trees and took another down on my property. They also cut the big branches and the tree into lengths that would fit in my wood stove and left them neatly piled under each tree. I was very happy with their prompt and professional service.
  • Work was executed as requested. Trees trimmed/cut and branches were removed. Team was punctual and pleasant to work with.
  • He gave us a great price and had all of the proper equipment needed for such a job, one being a 100 ft. crane. His large staff was very friendly. I will definitely use RV Trees again!
  • Thank You so much for removing our trees in our front yard. It was a pleasure working with you and your team. You left our yard in excellent condition. We were all amazed on how you could remove four tres from our yard without damaging our property. Thank You so much for such a wonderful job. We will recommend you to everyone we know in Spring Lake. ~ ZenTek USA
  • Beyond Impressed with the work performed! Shawn knows his business! I Highly Recommend RV Tree if you need a Job done Fast and Efficiently! They are personable and a Crew that cares about their client's satisfaction. Leaves, branches, and debris were all raked up and taken away! A little topsoil and some grass seed and No one will know I had trees there! Shawn, You, and your Crew are AMAZING! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for a Job Well Done!
  • The work was completed quickly and efficiently, and the crew was great. We are very happy with their work.

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